Re: [xep-support] regular text flow in the middle of a float with table continuation

From: G. Ken Holman <>
Date: Tue Jul 17 2007 - 05:53:19 PDT

At 2007-07-16 21:16 -0700, Dan Ochs wrote:
>Hi, In the sample pdf and accompanying fo found at the link below, I
>am trying to figure out how I can have the floated table appear and
>flow continuously onto the next page with the "continued" text without
>having the two column page flow stuck at the bottom of the table. t
>first I thought this was occurring because the table header has
>multiple lines, but the effect still happens even if the header is
>only one line. If I make the table header of the the first column
>equal to "Column 1" the table renders as I want it to on the first
>page, but I still see the effect on the second page. I am using XEP
>4.4, but have tried this with the XEP 4.10 trial and see the same
>Does anyone know how I can prevent the two column flow of text from
>appearing at the bottom of the page? I would ideally like to see the
>two column flow continue after the entire table has been rendered.

I believe you are stuck ... XSL-FO doesn't have any vertical height
force, and since you want the flow following the end of the table
that means you need to force the height of those portions of the
table that are not at the end.

Even keeps won't help you because the portions that cannot be kept
will "leave behind" room for your flow.

I think your requirement cannot be met with XSL-FO.

. . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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