[xep-support] Conditionality on space-before

From: Rebecca Dahlman <RDahlman@ppc.com>
Date: Mon Apr 16 2007 - 08:18:34 PDT

I have a situation where I have a chapter title which spans two columns. Under it, I have two columns of content, which includes single-column-width section headers. These section headers are set with a space-before, and a conditionality of "discard", which seems to be ignored with respect to the chapter title.
From what I've found in searching the archives, this seems to be a known issue. Are there any solutions or work-arounds I can try? We're already doing some handling to see whether the section is the first in the chapter, and skipping the space-before in those cases, but that doesn't solve the problem for section headers that end up at the top of the second column.
Thanks for your help.
Rebecca Dahlman
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