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From: Bob Stayton <>
Date: Mon Mar 26 2007 - 09:35:45 PST

I'm not able to duplicate this problem with a recent or older version of DocBook XSL. I copied your para into a file, replaced the image paths with "images/caution.png", set the $alignment stylesheet parameter to justify, and the paragraph looks normal.

Are you using a customization, and if so, do you get the same behavior when you use the stock DocBook XSL instead of your customization?

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises
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  Subject: [xep-support] inline graphic behavior

  I am using DocBook XML and XSL-FO with XEP to create PDF. I am seeing a funny behavior with <inlinegraphic...> and/or <inlinemediaobject>. It is as if a line-feed follows the image. The attached image shows what I mean.

  Here is the XML...
  <para>Each of the panes can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the buttons in the upper
           right corner of the pane (<inlinegraphic fileref="icons/WindowPane-minimize.gif" />
           <guilabel> Minimize</guilabel>, <inlinegraphic fileref="icons/WindowPane-maximize.gif" />
           <guilabel> Maximize</guilabel>, <inlinegraphic fileref="icons/WindowPane-restore.gif" />
           <guilabel> Restore</guilabel>). You can also resize the panes by dragging their borders. </para>

  This works fine for the HTML output and is the same if I use <inlinemediaobject>.
  I am relatively new to all this so any suggestions would be very appreciated.
  Thank you.

  Michael Damkier

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