[xep-support] keep-together on object ignored after a no-space-for-element recovery

From: Jim Quest <quest.james@gmail.com>
Date: Thu Mar 01 2007 - 01:11:23 PST

Dear All,
It seems like perhaps a bug in xep.
While running xep, with the following message:

      (flow [1]
        [error] no space for an element, trying to recover
      (static-content [1][2])))
  (generate [output-format pdf][1][2]))...

this is because there is fo-objects that are told to keep together in a
pages, and this is larger than the page size, so it recovers but putting
'overflow' onto the next page.

however, the next fo:objects are told to keep together as well, and this
seems to be ignored.

to demonstrate this problem i have included
xep1.fo (where first page creates a no-space-for-an-element, which later
makes second set of fo-objects not keep-together)
xep2.fo (where first page has no problem, which makes second set of
fo-objects keep-together without problems)

any ideas what the issue is?



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