[xep-support] Is it possible to define an absolute position for a baseline?

From: Christian Kirchhoff <ckirchho@directmedia.de>
Date: Tue Jan 23 2007 - 02:50:56 PST


I use renderx's XEP to generate PDFs out of xsl-fo documents. In the
document I am working on there is a horizontal "bar". I would like to
place text in such a way that the baseline of the text is equal to the
upper edge of that bar.

Right now I place the block containing the text in a block-container
which an absolute position. But as soon as I change the size or even
the family of the font that is used for the text, the baseline of this
text changes. This behaviour seems to be correct if I understand the
XEP reference. So I always have to adjust the position of the

Of course I would like to define e.g. that if the upper edge of the bar
is at 2.5 in, then this should be the vertical position of the baseline
of the text, no matter what font family or size I use.

Is this possible, and if yes: how?

Best regards,

Christian Kirchhoff

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