[xep-support] Anomalies using Java SE 1.6

From: Greg Baryza <baryza@intersystems.com>
Date: Tue Jan 09 2007 - 07:37:06 PST

I recently installed Java SE 1.6. Since then, I have noticed occasional
errors attempting to access external graphics files. For example, after
successfully processing 106 files, I got this:

[error] File could not be retrieved from file:/C:/XEPWORK/Logos/Cache.svg;
com.renderx.svg.SVGParseException: Internal error: SVG parser misconfigured
         at com.renderx.svg.Parser.parse(Unknown Source)
         at com.renderx.svg.SVGImage.getImageTree(Unknown Source)
         at com.renderx.graphics.XMLVectorImage.getImageTree(Unknown Source)
         at com.renderx.pdflib.PDFImage.<init>(Unknown Source)
         at com.renderx.pdflib.Images.addImage(Unknown Source)
         at com.renderx.pdflib.PDFDocument.placeImage(Unknown Source)
         at com.renderx.pdflib.PDFDocument.placeImage(Unknown Source)
         at com.renderx.xep.gen.backends.H4PDF.placeImage(Unknown Source)
         at com.renderx.xep.gen.backends.H4PDF.startElement(Unknown Source)
         at com.renderx.xep.gen.SAX.startElement(Unknown Source)
         at com.renderx.xep.gen.SAX.process(Unknown Source)
         at com.renderx.xep.cmp.Item$Image.pass(Unknown Source)
         at com.renderx.xep.gen.SAX.process(Unknown Source)
         at com.renderx.xep.fmt.Line.pass(Unknown Source)
         at com.renderx.xep.gen.SAX.traverse(Unknown Source)
com.renderx.xep.FormatterCore$ContentHandlerDriver.endDocument(Unknown Source)
         at com.renderx.xep.FOTransformer.transform(Unknown Source)
         at com.renderx.xep.XSLDriver.main(Unknown Source)
[error] Cannot parse image 'file:/C:/XEPWORK/Logos/Cache.svg'
[error] com.renderx.graphics.ImageFormatException:
com.renderx.svg.SVGParseException: Internal error: SVG parser misconfigured

and similar failures for the next 11 files until the end of the production run.

When I attempted to debug this, XEP no longer reported the error. There
was no change in any of the files between the error and the next run. XEP
successfully handled all 11 other failures as well with no change.

I suspect that 1.6 is more sensitive to environmental factors when
accessing data via URLs, but I have no proof. I am reporting this to see
if anyone else has had similar experiences.

For the record: I am running Windows XP SP2 on a Dell D610, 2.13GHz
processor, 2GB of RAM. I am using XEP 4.8 of 2006-11-28.

Greg Baryza

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