Re: [xep-support] put a color in the offset crop

From: Eugene Protasov <>
Date: Tue Nov 28 2006 - 05:10:50 PST

Hello, Marc!

> I try to insert in the crop a color so that there will not have any
> problem to cut the paper.
May be you will use the 'fo:region-after', 'fo:region-before',
'fo:region-start', 'fo:region-end' elements?
For example:
---- FO-file ----
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<fo:root xmlns:fo="">
  <fo:simple-page-master master-name="default-page" page-height="11in"
    margin-top="1in" margin-bottom="1in" margin-left="1in"
   <fo:region-before region-name="xsl-region-before" extent="1in"
display-align="after" background="silver"/>
   <fo:region-after region-name="xsl-region-after" extent="1in"
display-align="before" background="green"/>
   <fo:region-start region-name="xsl-region-start" extent="1in"
display-align="center" background="red"/>
   <fo:region-end region-name="xsl-region-end" extent="1in"
display-align="center" background="blue"/>
 <fo:page-sequence master-reference="default-page">
  <fo:flow flow-name="xsl-region-body">
   <fo:block>Viva la musique</fo:block>
---- end of FO-file ----


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