[xep-support] font group remoting and glyph lists

From: Chris Chiasson <chris@chiasson.name>
Date: Fri Nov 17 2006 - 12:13:20 PST

The XEP reference says:

2.4.2. Font Groups

Several font families can be wrapped into a <font-group> container
element. Groups can be nested, forming complex font hierarchies. This
element does not affect font mapping, and serves only for logical
grouping of font families. In particular, it is often convenient to
use it as a host for xml:base property, to specify a common base
directory for a group of font families that form a package. Another
suggested use of <font-group> is for remoting: contents of the font
group can be placed into a separate file, and reused across multiple
font configurations.

The only attribute specific to <font-group> is label: it assigns a
name to the group. The name serves only for record keeping: no
constraints are imposed on it.

I've searched the docs and the mailing list, but I still haven't found
out how to store the font configuration in a separate file. Does
anyone care to drop some knowledge?

Does anyone know if SVGMath can pick up a remoted XEP font
configuration file? It seems like XEP and SVGMath accept the same
description of font information.

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