Re: [xep-support] preventing line breaks before punctuation

From: David Tolpin <>
Date: Tue Oct 31 2006 - 01:25:40 PST

Hi Geoff,

> If the bold style stops at the end of the word, no problem. But it
> might include the space following the word, too.

I can only see a single case when this may happen: namely, when the
WYSIWYG program the user employed to specify the bold face allowed him to
select the space following the word along with the word. It is a problem
in the program, the program must be fixed.

> Yes, the second case is the one we handle correctly now in XSLT. The
> first one is hard because you need to know whether or not the markup
> separating the word and the punctuation starts a new block.

Should not be hard to know in XSL. Types of areas generated by each
element are specified, you can use the information.

>> The French typesetting has a legacy feature. This legacy feature is
>> easy to express in XSL FO. French users are accustomed to placing a
>> space before the colon, a poor practice from past times. Much in the
>> same way as first-line indents using TAB must be replaced by proper
>> start-indent, spaces before colons in french texts must be replaced by
>> space-start .
> I have to disagree with you there. We could ask that users not enter a
> space before colons, question marks, etc., but that would be like asking
> them not to enter a space after a period. People will do it anyway,
> both out of habit and because it looks "better" in the text editor.

No, I didn't mean that should be done by insruction. It should be done by
a program. A preprocessor that handles legacy text input habits.


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