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From: Dovid Zalkin <dovid@tech-tav.com>
Date: Wed Oct 18 2006 - 10:36:21 PDT

Hi. We encountered an interesting bug. In the fo which I uploaded, which
is a fragment of a much larger fo we have been developing, we found that
the "Note" was coming out on the page following the block preceding it,
when the *following* block was too large to fit on the same page (as you
can see in the PDF). In other words, the renderer seemed to think that
there was a keep-with-next condition applied to the note (the
fo:wrapper), even though there was no such thing. When we ran the same
fo in Antenna House, the problem didn't appear.
We have found a workaround: if a non-empty block is inserted after the
note before the large block, the problem disappears (because then the
renderer attaches the note to the immediately following block, which,
being tiny, *does* fit on the page). Nevertheless, this is a bug.
Thank you for giving this matter your attention.
David Zalkin
P.S. I also uploaded the fo and pdf files with the workaround we found.
The files are on ftp://dev-tech-tav.com
The user name is renderx@dev-tech-tav.com
The password is dovid75

David Zalkin
Technology Consultant
Tech-Tav Documentation Ltd.
+972 (0)57 313 8506 
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