[xep-support] confused about prepress extensions

From: Jerry Janofsky <JanofskyJ@comcast.net>
Date: Thu Oct 12 2006 - 18:55:32 PDT

I apologize if this is obvious to most people, but I am new to the print
world and I am just catching on (I think) to words like, "crop" & "bleed".

Here's my confusion:

I designed a book for print using XSL-FO. I am using XEP to convert it to
PDF. The size of the document that is generated is 1 inch greater, in both
width and height, then the document will be after it is trimmed (1/2 inch on
each side). I designed in "bleed" that extends into the 1/2 inch trim area.

I want marks placed 1/2 inch from each corner so the print man knows where
to trim the document (I'm not sure if this is "crop mark" or a "bleed

I thought I could use <?xep-pdf-crop-offset 0.5in ?> or
<?xep-pdf-bleed-mark-width 0.5pt ?>, however, these keep causing my document
to get larger instead of being placed on the existing document.

I obviously misunderstand something. Can someone explain?


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