Re: [xep-support] Strange phenomenon in Table of Contents

From: Volodymyr Mykhailyk <>
Date: Mon Sep 18 2006 - 03:10:40 PDT
Hi Christian,
Problem is that line should alway be together within line (see attributes). When this line doesn't feet line width the weakest place to break is page number. Try to remove keep-with-next.within-line rule from <fo:basic-link/>. Then Xep will be able to place line break between title and leader.

Keep with rules is the problem place of all XSL-FO formatters. Try to use them as less as it possible.


Ettinger, Christian wrote:
I discovered a strange phenomenon in my Table of Contents when creating the PDF file with XEP.
I use the Docbook stylesheets to generate the FO file, and these stylesheets produce the following FO code:
<fo:block xmlns:axf="" text-align-last="justify" text-align="start" color="blue" end-indent="24pt" last-line-end-indent="-24pt">
  <fo:inline keep-with-next.within-line="always">
    <fo:basic-link internal-destination="id411140">2.4.4. Echo Request message to a destination IP address of</fo:basic-link>
  <fo:inline keep-together.within-line="always"> <fo:leader leader-pattern="dots" leader-pattern-width="3pt" leader-alignment="reference-area" keep-with-next.within-line="always"/> <fo:basic-link internal-destination="id411140"><fo:page-number-citation ref-id="id411140"/></fo:basic-link></fo:inline>

So far, this is correct, but look at the attached file what XEP does with it.
There seems to be some critical line length, where XEP just breaks the page number but does not extend the leader into the next line.

Does anybody have an idea how I can overcome this problem? Or any ideas on the source of this phenomenon?

Thanks in advance,
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Frauenweiherstraße 14, 91058 Erlangen, Germany
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