Re: [xep-support] Don't know why xep finds error

From: Teus Benschop <>
Date: Sat Aug 26 2006 - 06:41:39 PDT

Oops, in the previous mail I attached the without the error.
Sorry. Here is the one with the error again.


Hi Michael,

The explanation of Henk enabled me to get rid of the [warning], but the
[error] was still there.

I've now shortened the xslfo file and attached it again.

The strange thing is that an error is given, which suggests something is
lost, yet no text is lost at all.

The error message goes away when line number 38 (<fo:block
break-after="odd-page"></fo:block>) is removed. Yet in line 55 there is
exactly the same code, but it gives no error.

Am I writing incompatible xsl-fo code or is this something in XEP?

Thank you,


Michael Sulyaev wrote:
> Hello Teus,
> Henk Rutten is absolutely right in his explanation.
> I would like to comment on the error message you get:
>> [error] no space for an element, trying to recover
> This may happen in different situations, when XEP must place an object
> (e.g. a picture), but does not have enough room for it. If it is in a
> fo:flow, it would usually proceed to the next page (if there is enough
> room for it there). But if it happens in a fixed-dimension area, XEP
> may drop the object totally.

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