[xep-support] table column widths and blocks overflowing block-containers

From: Janean Angeles <janeana@wirestone.com>
Date: Fri Jun 30 2006 - 13:18:43 PDT

The answers to these questions are eluding me so I'm hoping some of you
may be able to point me in the right direction.

First question...
If you've set a fixed height/width for a block-container, but the
content of the block within the container is larger (ie the text
overflows), is there a setting to make the block-container 'grow' to
continue to encompass the content?

Second question...
I'm trying to build a table whose columns have a width equal to the
block-container in the header cell. I attempted to do this by removing
the column-width attribute from the table-column tag, but this seems to
cause random columns to size randomly, rather then to size around the
block-containers found in the cells. I tested this by adding the
background-color attribute to the block-containers and you can
definitely see the white-space. Is there a setting to tell the column's
cells to 'collapse' around the block-containers?

The questions are related as that I want the table to primarily have a
specific column width based upon a table-header cell width. The most
common cell values have a single line of text, the problem is figuring
out how to handle the occasional header who's text flows to 2 or even 3
lines necessitating a wider column-width for that column. Currently I
either get no control over column widths with tons of white-space and
the table overflowing the page when I don't specify any column-width OR
I get the initial set column widths, but have the column header content
overflow 1 or even 2 column headers when the content is longer then 1
line of text when I attempt set the column-width as fixed or using

Any thoughts would be most welcome.


Janean Angeles

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