[xep-support] Table spanning two pages / page numbering problem

From: Carsten Rogas <carsten.rogas@rogas.de>
Date: Mon Jun 26 2006 - 02:01:21 PDT


following problem: i have to render a (large, 200+ pages ) table, where each row should span the even and the odd side of the document. Because of this i thought using a landscape paper size for all pages ( odd and even ) instead of separated ones. Then the content could be formatted using a table spanning the landscape page and all seems fine.

But the problem now are the page numbers: the <fo:page-number/> is counting the landscape pages and not the mentioned two portrait pages. This happens not only at the content pages but on the toc and index references, too. eg.: starting at page one, this will be the real page numbers 1 and 2, page two contains the real numbers 3 and 4 ... and so on.

Does anybody know, how to:
- Manipulate the page numbers, so that i can use two numbers at one page? This would solve the page number problem
- How to span a table over two pages so that they correspond to each other printed as a double sided document? This would solve the problem of the latge table and the page number problem wouldn't appear.

Thank you!



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