RE: [xep-support] Bug in relative-align="baseline"

From: Kevin Yank <>
Date: Wed Jun 07 2006 - 00:33:19 PDT

Thanks, David! There were no tables split across pages in this particular
document, so the work-around of disabling repeated table headers was
acceptable in this case.

Looking forward to XEP 5...

-Kevin Yank.

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> On 09/10/5766, at 15:19, Kevin Yank wrote:
> > When a list-item has relative-align="baseline" set, and the list-
> > item-body
> > contains a table preceded by one or more block elements, the first
> > row of
> > the table is positioned incorrectly. Setting relative-
> > align="before" on the
> > list-item-body or the table does not affect this behaviour.
> Hi Kevin,
> it is hard to propose a workaround without understanding what you
> want to achieve in the final production output. If you use table-
> header but don't need it to be repeated on column breaks, set table-
> omit-header-at-break to false. If you can live with relative-
> align="before", set it on list-item elements which contain tables
> with repeating table headers.
> Good news is that the bug is already fixed in the next generation of
> XEP which is (somewhat slowly) approaching the release. Not so good
> news for you is that it uses different algorithms and code base and
> thus backporting the algorithms to the current version is a big
> enough job; so the fix will not be available soon.
> If your business needs demand urgent support for repeating
> headers in
> tables which follow blocks in list cells with relative-
> align="baseline", you can contact RenderX sales (
> and discuss conditions for the custom job.
> David

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