RE: [xep-support] "Filtered" Select and alternating background-color

From: Powell, Todd <>
Date: Thu May 25 2006 - 08:41:04 PDT

Hi David,

> tail recursion is optimized into a loop by many XSLT implementations,
> SAXON and XT; thus the stack does not grow and iterative alogithms are
> good when represented using recursion as if looping constructs were

"tail recursion"? Is this a particular type of recursive call in XSLT,
different from other types?

If I have the following, what's happening on the stack to prevent
stack-space issues?

<xsl:template match="ROOT">
        <xsl:apply-templates select="foo[1]"/>

<xsl:template match="foo">
        <p>Before recursive call...<xsl:value-of

        <xsl:apply-templates select="following-sibling::foo"/>

        <p>After recursive call...<xsl:value-of

Doesn't the parser need to keep track of all the matches for <foo>, so
it can spit out the "After..." stuff? If I have 300,000 <foo> elements
to process, is there an issue?

- Todd

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