[xep-support] Hyphenation problems with XEP 4.5

From: Keith - Parenty Reitmeier, Inc. <keith@parenty.mb.ca>
Date: Mon May 15 2006 - 11:38:54 PDT

We're having difficulty using our current hyphenation pattern files
with the newest version of XEP. The xml:base seems to be set fine in
xep.xml, (we are pointing it to our server, as we were in 3.8.4). After
reading XEP Support, I thought it must be the encoding of the pattern
files, so I converted them and if needed set the encoding attribute
accordingly in xep.xml. I've tried MacRoman, UTF-8, and the default
Latin-1 to no avail.

Here is the hyphenation section of my xep.xml file

   <languages default-language="en_GB"

     <language name="English (UK)" codes="en en_GB">
       <hyphenation pattern="ukhyphen.tex"/>

     <language name="French" codes="fr">
       <hyphenation pattern="frhyph_rx.tex"/>

     <language name="German" codes="de_DR">
       <hyphenation pattern="dehyph_rx.tex"/>

     <language name="Spanish" codes="es">
       <hyphenation pattern="eshyph_rx.tex"/>

     <language name="Italian" codes="it">
       <hyphenation pattern="ithyph.tex"/>

     <language name="Portuguese" codes="po">
       <hyphenation pattern="pthyph.tex"/>

     <language name="Dutch" codes="nl">
       <hyphenation pattern="nehyph.tex"/>

Any thoughts?

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