Re: [xep-support] New line in <fo:inline/>

From: David Tolpin <>
Date: Wed Apr 19 2006 - 13:31:39 PDT

On 21/08/5766, at 23:53, Steve Ylvisaker wrote:

> I have a situation where I need to force multiple lines of text
> within an inline area. I have tried the obvious: specify a width,
> exceed it and specify wrap-option="wrap". These parameters seem to
> be ignored and my inline area just continues to expand.
> Is there a way to do this? Or am I headed in the wrong direction.
> Steve

Hi Steve,

yes, there is a way. You have keep-together="always" on an ancestor
of the fo:inline element. keep-together is a shorthand which expands
to keep-together.{within-page,within-column,within-line}="always".
XEP, for historical compatibility reasons, regards keep-
together.within-line on fo:inline and similar elements only, that's
why when you wrap a fragment into fo:inline, it is kept together
within line.

A truly conforming formatter would keep your whole block on a single
line (which the next generation of XEP will do, by the way), even if
there is no fo:inline. To get the behavior you need, you should
specify keep-together.within-column instead of just keep-together.


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