RE: [xep-support] Graphics not appearing

From: Bob Cirilli <>
Date: Thu Apr 06 2006 - 10:42:42 PDT

Hi David,
Here are a couple things to check:
1) Check the case sensitivity of the image name. Make sure that all the
upper/lower case letters in your src attribute match the file name
exactly. In my experience, the image wont show up if even one letter in
the image name is spelled using the wrong case.
2) Try setting content-width to a fixed number (try "8in" for
instance). Maybe the renderer is currently confused about how much room
it has to render the image (and thinks it has no space)? My reasoning
is that 100% of "0" is still zero. Worth checking out at least.
I'm not sure if these will fix your problem, but they might help!
Bob Cirilli
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[] On Behalf Of Dovid Zalkin
Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2006 6:41 AM
Subject: [xep-support] Graphics not appearing

Hi. I have a problem with (certain) graphics in XEP. My stylesheet
includes the following element:
<fo:external-graphic src="url(figures/FRONT_graphic.jpg)"
It is on the cover page of the document. The graphic doesn't appear at
all. When I process the .fo using FOP, it comes out fine. Other graphics
in the document come out normally. If you could get back to me ASAP I
would greatly appreciate it (pressing deadline!). Thanx,
David Zalkin
Technology Consultant
Tech-Tav Documentation Ltd.
+972 (0)57 313 8506

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