[xep-support] Greater than or equal sign

From: Steve Ylvisaker <sylvisaker@CHYconsultants.com>
Date: Mon Mar 27 2006 - 12:34:26 PST

I have installed the personal edition of XEP and I'm trying to set up a
client comparison between the RenderX product and Antenna House.

One difference that I can't seem to resolve is that certain character
entities are not formatting. All of them format from the same XSL-FO
file when I use the Antenna House formatter. I'm guessing there is
something I am doing incorrectly and Antenna House is letting me get
away with it.

These special characters work fine:
nbsp non-breaking space &#160;
deg degree &#176;
mdash &#8212;
ndash &#8211;
plusmn plus-minus &#177;

These special characters don't work in XEP but do with Antenna House:
ge greater than or equal to &#8805;
le less than or equal to &#8804;
ohm ohms &#937;

Also - I ask for the arial font family and the formatter says it can't
find that family and is substituting helvitica. Possibly a related issue?

Can you help me out?

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