[xep-support] PDF Linearization Issue

From: Karl Penney <karlpenney@hfx.eastlink.ca>
Date: Wed Mar 15 2006 - 12:13:39 PST


I'm using XEP 4.5 to generate PDF's and I have turned on the LINEARIZE option for PDF output. For any document, when I look at the document properties with Acrobat Reader, "Fast Web View" is always reported as "No". I traced the problem to an error in value for the L parameter in the linearization parameter dictionary. According to the PDF Reference (1.4) the value of the L parameter is supposed to be:

"The length of the entire file in bytes. This must be exactly equal to the actual length of the PDF file. A mismatch indicates that the file is not linearized and must be treated as ordinary PDF, ignoring linearization information."

The value of the L parameter in PDFs generated with XEP is NOT equal to the length of the entire file in bytes (it is less). If change it to be equal, then Acrobat Reader shows "Fast Web View" as "Yes".

Any chance of getting this fixed soon? I don't want to have to post process the PDF files.

See attached files for simple example.


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