Re: [xep-support] Line Numbering

From: Patrick Goetz <>
Date: Fri Feb 10 2006 - 14:12:29 PST

David Tolpin wrote:
> There is a <rx:ruler> extension in XEP. No warranties, no obligations
> to maintain it in future versions; if it works for you, you are lucky,
> if it does not, it does not.

OK, the rx:ruler thing works, save for one detail: the line numbering
starts over on the next page if the paragraph is split between 2 pages.
  This makes sense for an extension called "ruler", but for this
application the idea is to have a way of uniquely referencing each
particular line in a paragraph. So, 2 followup questions:

1. We have been unable to find any documentation for rx:ruler, is there
anything out there? In particular, is it possible to use rx:ruler in a
mode in which the line numbers aren't reset by a page break?

2. If not, since this feature is absolutely essential to this particular
project, is it possible to get the rx:ruler source in order to modify it
to do paragraph line numbering? We'd be more than happy to turn the
final result back over for general use, assuming we can get it to work.
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