[xep-support] XEP Assistant path problems

From: Patrick Goetz <pgoetz@internetbs.com>
Date: Thu Feb 09 2006 - 18:43:33 PST

I simply don't get this. If my directory structure looks like this:

                xml ----------- file1.xml
  . ----------

                DTD ---------- myfiles.dtd

with <!DOCTYPE myfiles SYSTEM "../DTD/myfiles.dtd">

Then XEP assistant works flawlessly (using myfiles.xsl for formatting).

If, however, I set things up like this:

  ./xml/ ---------- file2.xml
                     DTD ---------- myfiles.dtd

with <!DOCTYPE myfiles SYSTEM "DTD/myfiles.dtd">

And I try to use XEP assistant, I get the following bizarro error message:

Formatting failed! Could not find a part of the path

What gives? It's most convenient to have the entire kit and kaboodle
segregated into a single xml directory, as in the latter example, which
works for everything except XEP Assistant on Windows. (Yes, the same
directory structure works fine on linux or when xep.bat is run from the
command line.)
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