Re: [xep-support] Missing isoXXXX characters in output

From: Chris Bowditch <>
Date: Fri Jan 27 2006 - 06:07:46 PST

Chris Ridd wrote:

> On 27/1/06 12:21, Thomas Schraitle <> wrote:

>>Locate the Helvetica and Times-Roman fonts and open it with the appropriate
>>tool. I suppose they are PostScript Type1 fonts. If I am unsure what glyphs
>>contain a font I open it in FontForge[1].
> They're Truetype dfonts. Linotype's FontExplorer X (a nice tool) also
> confirms what Character Palette says about that glyph being in that font.
> I wonder if XEP is somehow finding a version of Helvetica from somewhere
> else.

XEP doesn't use the fonts installed in the Operating System. It uses the
Adobe Type1 version of Times and Helvetica, which don't contain the
glyphs you mention. You could configure your Operating System fonts as
custom fonts, registering them with a different name in XEP.xml file.


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