[xep-support] Missing isoXXXX characters in output

From: David Nedrow <dnedrow@usa.net>
Date: Thu Jan 26 2006 - 22:56:41 PST

(Reposting to add message subject)

I create all of my University papers using DocBook XML, which I then
transform via XEP 4.5 (via oXygen).

My problem is that in the resulting printable format (PDF, PS), the
"Added Math Symbols: Relations" (isoamsr.ent) that I'm referencing
are not being displayed/generated in the resulting file.


The following...

<title>a &ge; b + c</title>

  ...should show the <= glyph representation in ...

a <= b + c

However, a blank space is inserted where the glyph should be.


a b + c

I'm sure I've done this in the past, but I have no idea what's
happening now. Could it be a font issue?

XEP is issuing no errors, but I'm obviously not getting what I think
I should be.

Here's the pertinent info...

OS X 10.4.4
<oXygen/> 7
DocBook XML 4.4
XEP 4.5 build 20060123

Any help would be appreciated.


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