Re: [xep-support] Missing Footnote Marks

From: G. Ken Holman <>
Date: Wed Jan 18 2006 - 04:57:33 PST


At 2006-01-17 14:51 -0800, Steve Bass wrote:
>You refer to "citations" "content" and "body" and I don't know exactly
>what you mean, because I used the additional word "mark."

My understanding of typesetting terminology is that "marks" are
marginalia ... one aligns marks in the margins with content in the
flow ... just so as to not confuse a reader of the archives with my
use of "mark", I used the term "citation" as the XSL-FO specification
refers to footnote citations in section 6.10.3.

The "body" is the text in the block ... perhaps that is a bit
confusing, though I did qualify it by saying the "block's body" ...
by this I meant the paragraph in the flow with the footnote citation.

The "content" of the footnote is that which is at the bottom of the
page. Here what I said above could be very confusing since XSL-FO
wraps this content in the footnote-body construct, so I probably
could have said it better.

>Here's the issue:
>Let's say that I want a footnote[1] right there. The superscript 1 is
>what I'm calling the mark.
>[1] Down at the bottom of the page the superscript 1 does not show up.

Correct ... it would not automatically show up in the footnote's
content because the designers envisaged that some users would not
want it to show up, or more likely, that it would be formatted
differently. Consider that the block's body is 12pt and the footnote
is only 8 pt. You might want the citation to be 6pt in the block's
body and have the citation repeated but in only 4pt in the footnote's
content. If the system automatically copied the citation into the
footnote content you would not have the necessary flexibility.

>I interpret what you are saying is that I need something in my
>customization XSL that tells XEP how to style and place the mark, but I
>don't know what to do.

Just add the citation in two places in <footnote> using XSLT,
formatted in each place as you want it to show:

        <inline>citation-here-for-footnote-content</inline> rest of footnote

I hope this helps!

. . . . . . . . . . Ken

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