Re: [xep-support] Spacing out graphics inside a block

From: Chris Bowditch <>
Date: Wed Dec 21 2005 - 01:07:37 PST

Mark Cilia Vincenti wrote:

> I've found the exact problem now. It's the solution which I don't know.
> The problem is that at the end of each line, there will be a &#160;.
> This does not allow the rightmost image in each line to touch the
> rightmost part of the block.
> And because I'm using justification, the width of &#160; is dynamic.
> That's why they're not getting aligned.
> Is there a way images can wrap without putting in characters between
> them?

Try using a regular space character between the images instead of nbsp.
A nbsp cannot be collapsed by the whitespace rules of XSL-FO. However, a
regular space will still represent a breaking point, yet may also be


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