[xep-support] Proportional Column Issues

From: Ray Miller <millerr@CENTECHGROUP.com>
Date: Mon Nov 14 2005 - 06:39:59 PST

docbook-rng-5.0b1, xsl-1.69.1, saxon-6.5.4, oXygen-6.2, Xep-4.4


The following fragment from an entity definition file


    <!ENTITY colSpanSpecReferences

         '<colspec colwidth="1*" align="left" colname="c1"/>

          <colspec colwidth="2*" align="left" colname="c2"/>

          <colspec colwidth="4*" align="left" colname="c3"/>

          <colspec colwidth="2*" align="left" colname="c4"/>

          <spanspec namest="c1" nameend="c4" spanname="c1c4"/>'



When used with


     <informaltable frame="none" rowsep="0" colsep="0" pgwide="1">

         <tgroup cols="4"> &colSpanSpecReferences; <tbody valign="top">


Renders the expected column proportions in html ( html/docbook.xsl or
html/chunk.xsl ) but renders proportionally equal columns in XEP (


Docbook FO stylesheet stringparms fop.extensions, xep.extensions,
use.extensions and tablecolumn.extensions are all set to 1


Documentation would indicate that XEP is reverting to default proportionally
equal columns.


Are there XEP parm(s) that I need to set for XEP to recognize the
proportional grammar of the aforementioned colspecs ?


Advice please.




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