Re: [xep-support] possible to create a table title that has "continued" at the end after a page/column wrap?

From: Chris Bowditch <>
Date: Mon Nov 07 2005 - 02:51:39 PST

David Tolpin wrote:

>> I don't see why implementing table markers is any more difficult than
>> implementing regular markers. Perhaps its down to the fact that
>> regular marker content is always retrieved outside of the flow, where
>> as table markers will be retrieved inside the flow. Which I guess
>> would affect page break possibilities.
> Because table markers change the size of the table's header after the
> header is measured. And after the header is modified, the marker's
> anchor may have to go to the next page; this is similar to, but more
> complex than, footnotes due to interaction with floats.

Well, can't you measure the header after the marker content is retrieved?

>> In any case, table markers are a much needed feature that makes it
>> possible to generate a wider range of statement type documents.
> Do you want to use a formatter with uncontrolled computational
> complexity in border cases? So that your rendering workflow gets stuck
> on a seemingly innocent document?

No, but I would like to generate a statement with sub totals carried
across pages. I'm sure there is a solution to this problem. Perhaps it
doesn't fit well into traditional layout algorithms, so it is a
opportunity to develop a new one ;)


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