RE: [xep-support] Support of special types of spaces

From: Broberg, Mats <>
Date: Wed Oct 19 2005 - 04:31:17 PDT

David Tolpin wrote:

> You probably mean the Gütenberg's Bible; the thing is that
> the print itself is a grand example of technology evolution.
> This particular book had been prepared manually (that is, the
> boards) and required enormous amount of effort. Later on,
> with the advance of technology, spaces were assembled from a
> small number of fixed-width elements; just for the sake of
> trade of quality for performance and predictability.

What do you mean "prepared manually"? All books printed from movable metal type between the B42 and 1886, when the Mergenthaler Linotype typesetting machine made its entrance, were more or less composed in the same way. The word spaces between the words in the B42 are made up small fixed spaces, which together created the variable space his typesetters needed.

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