[xep-support] Strange problem with Type1 font (broken font?)

From: Thomas Schraitle <tom_schr@web.de>
Date: Tue Oct 04 2005 - 09:56:49 PDT


some day ago I wanted to try another font for my documents. Therefor I
inserted the respective data in the configuration file "xep.xml",
switched my XSLT stylesheet to the new font, transformed my XML and
formatted the FO file. However I received the following error:

[error] Cannot output subset for Type 1 font
'file:/local/fonts/TSer4i__.pfb', the font is broken
[error] java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: ""
  the font is broken

The relevant part of the configuration file looks like this:

 <font-group label="Thesis"
   embed="true" subset="true"
   ligatures="&#xFB00; &#xFB01; &#xFB02; &#xFB03; &#xFB04; &#xFB05;">
  <font-family name="MySerif">
       <font-data pfb="TSer4___.pfb"
     <font style="italic">
       <font-data pfb="TSer4i__.pfb"

I tried the same font in OpenOffice with success. So it seems the font is
not broken.
Another attempt was to load it into fontforge and save it as PFB again
(the license allows this). Although the resulting PFB file is a bit
smaller I can use it without any errors.

Have somebody an idea what's going on here? I use XEP 4.4 build 20050822.


Thomas Schraitle
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