[xep-support] FO output

From: Bob Cirilli <bob.cirilli@salaries.com>
Date: Tue Oct 04 2005 - 08:43:18 PDT

We are encountering a problem where we require FO output.
We would like to generate FO from an XSLT stylesheet and then generate
our PDF from that FO using XEP (rather than doing both in one step).
The reason for this is that we have FO elements embedded in our XML
document. These FO elements are to be passed through when the style
sheet is applied to the XML so that they can be treated as FO during the
PDF generation. However, when this process is done in one step, these
embedded FO elements are not reparsed, and are interpreted as being one
child of a node on the tree. If we use another XSLT processor to
generate the FO output and then use XEP to generate the PDF from this
FO, the tree is reparsed, and the FO is interpreted correctly. However,
the XSLT processor we are using to do this is introducing many more
formatting problems, and I would rather use XEP's technology for both
steps if possible.
I have two questions.
Is there any way we can get XEP's XSLT transformation to produce FO
Is there any way we can get XEP to reparse the FO data before the PDF
file is generated ?
I only need one of these to be a 'yes' in order to fix my problem. If
both of these answers are currently 'no' , then when can we expect these
features to be added into forthcoming versions?
Bob Cirilli

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