RE: [xep-support] Problems with Unicode 4.0 characters?

From: Powell, Todd <>
Date: Fri Sep 02 2005 - 10:34:10 PDT

Thanks! Making my <fo:root font-family="Arial, Symbol, 'Arial Unicode MS',
ZapfDingbats"> and adding the block Arial Unicode MS block to the XEP.XML
worked. I didn't have to specify a 'font-selection-strategy', though, and
since the characters all look OK in the final PDF, maybe I don't have to.
Is it possible that I can leave the font-selection-strategy at the default
if everything looks good? I've re-read the spec. on that attribute, but am
still not terribly clear on how/when to specify it...

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Powell, Todd wrote:

> I'm trying to finish support for some requested character entities,
> and am having some [more] trouble. I've already specified the
> @font-family="Arial, Symbol, ZapfDingbats", on the <fo:root> element,
> and that worked for a bunch

In Windows there are two fonts Lucida Unicode a MS Arial Unicode that
cover wide range of Unicode characters. Try to add these to xep.xml and
to font-family (don't forget to specify character-selection-strategy).

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