Re: [xep-support] Different performance on different systems

From: Jirka Kosek <>
Date: Fri Sep 02 2005 - 07:42:20 PDT

David Tolpin wrote:

> However, the original poster is complaining about non-buffered output
> in the PDF generator of an old version of XEP, a version which is 1,5
> years old now; and many bugs have been fixed since that time. Most
> probably, the decrease in performance is caused by the target file
> location being a network drive. That issue had been dealt with a long
> time ago.
> The recommendation is to make sure the problem goes away with the
> current version, and to upgrade.

Do you have idea why configuration files stored on network drive slows
down processing? I faced this problem with very recent version of XEP
(downloaded during this July). Problem was as follows:

1. XEP, JRE, source FO file, target PDF file stored on Novell network drive
2. During processing with XEP validation was done quickly, but when
formatting started process was very slow (like 20 minutes for 300 pages
document) and java process was taking just few % of CPU.
3. When XEP was moved to local disk (Java, FO, PDF still on network
drive) problem disappeared and processing time was around 2 minutes
(during processing java process took almost 100% of CPU).

When I was monitoring OS, problem occured at the time when XEP was
trying to load configuration files.

I was on tight schedule at that time, so moving XEP to local disk was
quick workaround, but I would like know source of slowdown.


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