Re: [xep-support] Character offset in fo:table-cell?

From: Eliot Kimber <>
Date: Tue Aug 23 2005 - 12:19:05 PDT

Doug Burgess wrote:
> I must admit I'm surprised that character-based offset/alignment was
> left out of the FO v1.0 table model. Unfortunately the workaround is
> very kludgey....

FO 1.0 has character alignment--see the "<string>" value of the
text-align property:


     Specifies a string on which content of cells in a table column will
align (see the section, in the CSS2 Recommendation, on horizontal
alignment in a column for details and an example). This value applies
only if the formatting object is a descendant of a table cell. If set on
other formatting objects, it will be treated as "start".

However, few, if any, current FO implementations have implemented it.



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