RE: [xep-support] fo:table and height attribute

From: Powell, Todd <>
Date: Thu Aug 18 2005 - 08:28:50 PDT

I have a slightly different need...

I'm used to the formatting of tables in HTML and IE, which lets you say
something like:

        <table height="99%">
                        <td height="200px">...</td>
                <tr height="12px">
                <tr height="100%">
                <tr height="10px">

Where the dimensions of the table are given in percentages of the output
media (screen size, paper size, etc.), and even embedded rows (<tr>s) can
have these percentage dimensions. The results would almost fill (99%) the
screen/page with the table's contents AND it would have the 4th row (in the
example), stretch as much as necessary to fill the space.

Is there a way to specify the same kind of thing with FO? I know I can
calculate the height of the 4th row (page-height - [height of all fixed
rows]), but it would be nice if it could do it "automatically".


Todd S. Powell
Project Performance Corporation
U.S. Department of Energy

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