[xep-support] using "application/XEP" in Format() fails

From: Ondřej Tučný <tucny@alsoft.cz>
Date: Fri Jul 22 2005 - 10:42:08 PDT


we ran into a problem with XEPWin Server. We use the following method to
execute the formatting process:

   IFormatter.Format Method
   Formats the xml document.

   bool Format(
      Stream xml,
      string systemId,
      string mimeType,
      Stream output
   xml The stream of document to format. xml can be a stream of
             XSLFO, XEP intermediate format or custom xml.
   systemId This parameter is used for resolving relative URIs. It is a
             absolute URI from which formatter resolves relative URIs.
   mimeType The mime type of output format. Currently PDF, PostScript and
             XEP intermediate formats are supported. "application/pdf",
             "application/postscript" or "application/XEP".
   output The stream to write the output of formatting.

When the mimeType parameter is set to "application/XEP", the call fails
with the "System.ApplicationException: Unsupported format type" exception.

Using "application/pdf" works fine.

What's wrong? What more information do you need to track down the problem?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards Ondřej Tučný, Chief Solution Architect, A && L soft s.r.o.
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