Re: [xep-support] white-space-treatment and -collapse

From: Peter Gerstbach <>
Date: Fri Jul 22 2005 - 06:32:06 PDT

Alexander Peshkov wrote:
> Hello Peter,
> Something wrong with your document (or the way you use XEP) -
> white-space-treatment and -collapse are valid XSL-FO properties and if
> I render your code snippet with XEP 4.4 everything works fine, no
> errors/warnings.
> It is strange that attributes are quoted in the warning message with
> 'fo:' prefix. Can we have a short sample that demonstrates this problem?

I've found the problem, thank you for your hint. I made a mistake.
I use SAX to build the XSLT stylesheet and provided a namespace but no
prefix for the property (in SAX's AttributesImpl.addAttribute() method).

Interestingly the fo-prefix was not visible in the intermediate fo file;
but it was in the XML infoset!

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