Re: [xep-support] Border-Collapse in XEP

From: Michael Sulyaev <>
Date: Thu Jul 14 2005 - 02:24:26 PDT

Hello Fraser,

You have found an old post.
Border-collapse property is supported in XEP 4.0 and higher.
Here is an abstract from doc/WhatsNew.txt:

XEP 4.0

New features

1. XEP 4.0 uses a single configuration file for all subcomponents:
formatter options, fonts, and hyphenation are now configured from
a single location. The new format has the following advantages
over the old one:

  - default options for back-ends can be set in the same file;

  - font configuration is more intuitive: font families are created
    directly, and individual fonts are explicitly assigned to specific
    combinations of font family + weight + style + variant;

  - font aliases can resolve to multiple font families;

  - font aliases can depend on the language setting.

2. Table processing is now fully conformant to the XSL Recommendation.
In particular, the following features are now supported:

  - automatic table width adjustment (table-layout="auto");

  - collapsed borders

3. Additional prepress features are supported:

  - spot and registration colors can be specified in both XSL-FO and SVG;

  - bleeds and trim offsets can be controlled by processing instructions,
    and respective marks placed on the page;

  - arbitrary SVG images can be placed in the image offset area, to create
    advanced printer marks. The distribution includes sample SVGs for
    registration targets and color bars.

4. More SVG features are supported:

  - clipping implementation is extended to cover arbitrary combination
    of path, shapes, and text;

  - fill-opacity and stroke-opacity are supported in PDF output only
    (incompatible with PDF version 1.3).

5. Improvements in font handling:

  - TrueType collection fonts are supported;

  - OpenType fonts with CFF outlines are supported, with limitations:
    * in PostScript, only non-CID fonts are supported, and Level 3 is
    * subsetting of these fonts is not implemented.

  - Automatic slanting is possible, to create oblique and backslant
    fonts from upright variants.

  - Basic support for ligaturization: a list of ligatures can be specified
    in the font configuration.

Other Improvements

- XEP can work without write access to local file system.
   When TMPDIR option is set to 'none', XEP stores all
   intermediate files in memory.

- Performance is optimized: memory consumption reduced,
   table processing speeded up;

- Documentation rearranged and refactored.

Interface Changes

- Deprecated Java interfaces have been removed;

- FormatterImpl takes an optional extra parameter,
   an XML document describing the configuration
   (as a generic JAXP source);

- Validator now accepts generic JAXP source as input.

Bug fixes

- Inline keep conditions work on rx:index-item elements.

Best regards,
  Michael Sulyaev
Fraser Crichton wrote:
> Hi, there,
> I was just wondering if there  was a fix in place for Border-Collapse in 
> XEP yet?
> See -
> Border-Collapse Implementation
> Cheers,
> Fraser
Best regards,
  Michael Sulyaev
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