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From: <frederic.ouellet@desjardins.com>
Date: Tue Jul 12 2005 - 12:24:19 PDT

Hello all,

I am analysing the use of Cliser to call the generation of a PDF from a distant PDF generator.

I will use cliser-3.1-20050512 all the way, the client JAVA side in my EAR on weblogic and the server side on another server in the same LAN.

In my generatePDF EAR method, I will create the Client Instance and use this:

public byte[] render(byte[] fo,
                     int len,
                     java.lang.String sysid)
              throws ProtocolException,
      renders an XSL FO source into a formatted representation. The format is specified by property "FORMAT". Can be called multiple times for the same client as long as
      it is ready().
            fo - XSL FO source as a byte array
            len - length of the byte array
            sysid - system identifier of the source in the client's space
            a byte array with the formatted representation

To send my querry to the XEP server.

I am wondering where I should pass the XML informations??? To generate a PDF in my EAR, I have:

   XML with dynamic informations
   XSL to format the PDF
   Properties to XEP

Now, the Client.render method seems to take only the XSL part of my parameters...

1- So, what can I do with my XML???
2- With my XEP properties???

3-Does the setProp methods is for the XEP properties found in the reference manual?

public void setprop(java.lang.String key,
                    java.lang.String val)
             throws ProtocolException,
      sets a property on the server
            key - property name; the name can have optional prefix, ending in ':'; CLISER options (e.g., FORMAT) do not have a prefix, formatter options use 'FRM:',
            generator options use 'GEN:', followed by optional secondary format prefix (e.g., GEN:pdf:COMPRESS); if the format is not specified, the current format is
            val - property value

4-So... if I can pass my XEP properties in this method, I must change the key to have either FRM or GEN options in front of it???

5-Where can I have a list for the FORMAT options??
6-Does the XEP properties in the reference manual are the GEN options??

I am always open to be ask for more to be understand. Hope that I will have an answer for each of theses questions.

Best Regards,

Frédéric Ouellet

Fédération des Caisses Desjardins du Québec - Montréal
Service Infrastructures Applicatives
Direction Infrastructures Technologique

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