Re: [xep-support] bug: leader with long leader-length

From: David Tolpin <>
Date: Thu Jul 07 2005 - 00:34:01 PDT

On 07.07.2005, at 10:31, Peter Gerstbach wrote:

> David Tolpin wrote:
>> This may happen, and this is not a bug, just negative letter-
>> spacing. It is normal, if you want it to work differently,
>> explicitly set either the minimum leader-length, or the minimum
>> letter-spacing.
> In the specs says: "If the leader's minimum length [...] is too
> long to be placed in a line by itself, it will overflow the line
> and potentially overflow the reference-area in accordance with that
> container's overflow trait."
> But does this mean, that negative letter-spacing should be used? It
> is set to "normal" initially, which means that the normal spacing
> for the current font is used.

7.16.2 "letter spacing"

The spacing is the normal spacing for the current font. This value
allows the user agent to alter the space between characters in order
to justify text.


Spacing between characters is used to compensate for overflowed lines
when word-spacing is not sufficient for that without loosing
readability. Negative letter-spacing is a normal thing: normal
spacing is 0, if one needs to tighten a line, the negative spacing is
used. Use letter-spacing="0" if you don't want the formatter to mess
with it.

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