[xep-support] Integrating EnMasse...

From: Mark Gabriel <markg@limehouse.co.uk>
Date: Tue Jul 05 2005 - 01:13:32 PDT

Hi there,

I am just dropping you guys a quick note to a) to find out if there are any
more information on EnMasse other than what is available on your site and b)
to find out how to get EnMasse working.

Looking at our situation, the service that suits us is the best is
'toaster'. There are couple of things I don't understand but before I delve
into those I just want to run your toaster.jsp/enmasse properly.

I have XEP4.2 installed on the box and I have installed the EnMasse stuff
according to the instructions. Products are installed in the following


I have edited the $ENMASS_HOME/bin/enmasse and modified the line that I
guess defines where the config file resides. On my machine it says:

I have used the standard toaster.conf.example file and the only thing I
changed was the temporary folder definition. My toaster.conf looks like

        <folders temporary="'../tmp'"/>
                <server host="'localhost'" port="6570"/>
        <option name="log-path" value="'toaster.log'"/>
         <option name="log-level" value="'errors'"/>
        <option name="socket-timeout" value="600"/>
        <cliser format="'pdf'">
                <option name="pdf:COMPRESS" value="'true'"/>

I also edited the 'engine' file and to reflect the XEP_HOME property

After this as root I ran ./enmasse and ./engine and I think I saw the
message 'Ready' stdout

Then modified the host value in toaster.jsp and tried to upload a very small
fo file. However, the message I got was:
Exception: running server: com.renderx.xepx.cliser.ProtocolException:
unknown command 'RECEIVE'

Now can you tell me what's going on here. I have looked at the configuration
files and made sure things like the hostname and port number are all

Secondly, I am finding this cliser protocol a little bit confusing. It says
I must issue a command like RECEIVE data-size systemId. There are hardly any
explanation in the enmasse guide. It would be nice if somebody could explain
the whole thing a little better.

Look forward to hearing form you.

Kind regards...
Arup Vidyerthy

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