Re: [xep-support] Element 'fo:external-graphic' and 'fo:page-number-citation'mustbe empty errors

From: Eliot Kimber <>
Date: Tue Jun 28 2005 - 08:31:27 PDT

arian hojat wrote:
> hmmm how would i approach an xsl rule like this so it doesnt create the
> extra whitespace....

I'm never sure what white space at the template level is preserved in
the output and which isn't. The safest thing is simply not to have any,

><xsl:attribute name="bar"
><xsl:value-of select="@someatt"

Or to put all literal text within xsl:text elements.

> <xsl:attribute name="src">url('<xsl:value-of
> select="@fileName"/>')</xsl:attribute>

Also, you can simplify this markup to:

   <fo:external-graphic src="{concat('url(', @fileName, ')')}">

Which I find clearer. While the concat() is not strictly necessary, I
find it clearer to make the entire attribute value an expression, rather
than this:




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