[xep-support] fo:table-row with id - should it work?

From: Leen Smits <leen.smits@ssaglobal.com>
Date: Wed Jun 22 2005 - 22:53:38 PDT

Assume the following (simplified) fo table:
<fo:table-row id="my_table_row_id1">...</fo:table-row>
<fo:table-row id="my_table_row_id2">...</fo:table-row>
<fo:table-row id="my_table_row_id3">....
        <fo:basic-link internal-destination="my_table_row_id1">my link</fo:basic-link>
                    (page 4-<fo:page-number-citation ref-id="my_table_row_id1" />)....
<fo:table-row id="my_table_row_id4">...</fo:table-row>
In Apache FOP 0.20.5, fo:basic-link jumps to the correct page (in case of a long table)
and it shows the correct page-number-citation.
In XEP 4.* it looks like the @id on table-row is not supported well, or I do something wrong. It looks like it points to the end of the table. Both in case of the link and in case of the page-number-citation.

Is this a bug? or should I do this in another way?
(of course I can do a workaround...)

Leen Smits

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