RE: [xep-support] XEP4NET 'out of memory' error

From: Mher Movsisyan <>
Date: Thu May 19 2005 - 02:34:17 PDT



To increase the memory of JVM create a 'CliserService.exe.config'
configuration file in the home directory of XEP4NET and restart Cliser
service. In your case the configuration file will look like this:


<?xml version="1.0"?>



                        <add key="CliserService.JavaOptions" value="-Xms512M
-Xmx1024M" />




where the actual value of memory ("-Xms512M -Xmx1024M") depends on your
computer's RAM. For more information you can read the documentation of


Best regards,

Mher Movsisyan




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On Behalf Of Hiral Parikh
Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2005 12:34 AM
Subject: [xep-support] XEP4NET 'out of memory' error


I have got this error (out of memory) in the pure java version of XEP
whenever I have tried to format a big docbook xml (more than 200 pg pdf).

I have always fixed it by increasing the heap size to some higher value
(java -Xmx300M ..).

But my problem is that I want to use the provided sample .NET application to
format my document instead of the command line.

How do we increase the java heap size for the xep.dll wrapper that is being
used by the sample ASP.NET application?
Same question for XEP assistant and ActiXEP as well. Is it possible to
increase the heap size for those java calls as well?


Hiral Parikh
Sr. Software Engineer
30, Dane Street
Somerville, MA - 02143

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