Re: [xep-support] v3.8 vs v4.3 query re fo:external graphic src='url()'>

From: Chris Bowditch <>
Date: Wed May 11 2005 - 02:41:05 PDT

Mike Trotman wrote:


> When building documents containing this sort of thing:
> <fo:external-graphic
> src='url(http://mywebserver/cgi-bin/'/>
> or even
> <fo:external-graphic src='url(http://mywebserver/images/pic.jpg)'/>
> The same behaviour occurs whether the URL is enclosed in "" or not.
> FOP and XEP 4.3 correctly retrieve the graphics from my web server -
> whereas XEP 3.8.4 does not
> and gives the error:
> [warning] Could not retrieve image from
> '':
> /usr/java/XEP/3.8/tmp/cache0/1.tmp (No
> such file or directory)
> Was this a bug / partial implementatio of url() in 3.8 (and was it ever
> fixed?)
> or is it a configuration parameter / security measure I am not setting?

Mike, you need to make sure the directory "tmp" exists in the root of the
directory where you installed XEP. In your case it looks like this is
/usr/java/XEP/3.8. Ideally XEP should be capable of creating this directory
itself, but it doesnt. In 4.x image retrieval works very differently and
temporary files dont appear to be required.



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