Re: [xep-support] column spanning and spacing properties

From: Geoff Levner <>
Date: Tue May 03 2005 - 14:21:22 PDT

OK, thanks, Alexander. I can work around the problem by programming my
stylesheet to remove space-before properties for blocks with no
preceding siblings.


On 3 May 2005, at 11:51, Alexander Peshkov wrote:

> Hello Geoff,
> This is a limitation of XEP and it isn't likely to change in the
> nearest time.
> Best regards,
> Alexander Peshkov
> RenderX
> GL> I have a page with multiple columns: a block at the top of the page
> GL> that spans all the columns, followed by other blocks which do not.
> GL> Using XEP 4.3, the space-after of the first block (which spans all
> GL> columns) and the space-before of the second (which does not) are
> both
> GL> retained. Is this intentional? It was my understanding that the
> GL> transition from span "all" to span "none" should generate a new
> GL> reference area, and so discard the conditional spacing between the
> two
> GL> areas.
> GL> I will attach a simple XSL-FO file to illustrate...

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