[xep-support] z-index

From: Geoff Levner <geoff@n-generate.com>
Date: Mon May 02 2005 - 10:04:27 PDT

According to the release notes for XEP 4.2, the z-index property should
work for block-containers with fixed absolute positions, but try as I
might, I cannot get z-index to work.

Specifically, I would like to for the text in region-body to be drawn
on top of an instream SVG element. I know I could use an SVG file as a
background image, but since the SVG is itself generated on the fly by
the XSLT transformation, that would be very inconvenient. (In fact, I
use an SVG path to clip another image. Or rather, I would like to do
so -- that was the subject of a previous question that remains

Should z-index indeed work in XEP 4.3? Is there another way to
influence the order in which objects are drawn?


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