Re: [xep-support] creating index with XEP extensions

From: Eliot Kimber <>
Date: Fri Apr 08 2005 - 13:59:37 PDT

Bob Stayton wrote:
> It is likely that there are situations in your
> stylesheet where the indexterm is not outputting its anchor for some reason.
> Perhaps indexterm in certain element templates is not reached, or a template
> handles certain children but not others.

A real common cause of this bug is using value-of when you should be
using apply-templates. As a rule, you should only use value-of to
process element content when you are 100% sure it will never have
subelements, and since you can't guarantee that, the implication is that
you should never use value-of to process PCDATA content :-)

Another likely source of bugs is processing content in a different mode
in which the index processing has not been accounted for.



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